The End of Madness 5th Ed.

Session 0: Part 1

Gm Expectations

Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to outline  my expectations for the end of Madness book one: “ End Of Madness”.Campaign. the idea here is to create a living breathing world to serve as the background for dungeons  and dragons campaigns Over the next several years making Forgotten Realms our own. In order to do that, I've created a point of Divergence from the initial timeline.  that hiccup  in the space-time continuum occurs on the day of Greengrass in the year 1383 DR.


so that everyone is on the same page I would like to  outline my expectations for the campaign.

  1. Your character is compatible with the party and works with the party.

  2. The players are heroes. I don't care what your character’s alignment is. I don't care which god your character (worships or not). I don't care what your class. is your character is a hero.

  3. The Gods and The Mortals are intertwined. the fates of 1 affects the fates of the other

  4. Exotic races are exotic. if you are not playing one of the core races do not expect to see others like you very often. Yes, they probably exist in  Forgotten Realms if they did not I would not let you play them, however, they will be  in areas appropriate to where they come from.

  5. Dragonborn only exists in  very small numbers.  they do not Have their own racial lands  and are the product of direct intervention by the dragon gods transforming other  mortal races  into new forms.

  6. we will be starting in cormyr  however, together you will collectively decide how we start the story.

  7. this campaign has  a definite endpoint. the story of your character  will end with this  campaign you may not carry them over to Future campaigns. You may, however, revisit them in the future As non-player characters or limited player characters.

  8.  At  the end of the campaign, the heroes’ success or failure and the choices they make along the way will have a lasting and permanent effect on our game world history


Crippledone Crippledone

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