The End of Madness 5th Ed.

Session 0: Part 2

And so it begins

When our discussion for session 0 had concluded we begin an introductory scenario.The opening scene took place at the Amorous Anchor a dockside bar in Marsember the city of spice, in Cormyr . Our good cleric, Sho Sizanzen was enjoying the fruits of the previous victory in the public baths in the center of the tavern. He was enjoying showing off his demonic heritage when he was interrupted by a curious noble from the house thundersword. Anjo Thundersword was drawn to the stranger and the two of them hit it off. Not so well that the noble would enter the baths calling them “ a literal pool of cess”. Friends were also made. A high-class prostitute ( or as high class as one can be in this establishment) name to Megan who seem to have some connection to the local underworld and Alvina a swordcaptain of the local guard. Despite the best efforts, the gnomish innkeeper, Elesark was unable to make friends with either member of the party. The session ended with the party slowly making their way to swordspires  the thundersword villa


Crippledone Crippledone

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